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Is your district prepared for Missouri's new community engagement law?

Missouri law is requiring you to provide community members with a way to communicate with your school board by July 1, 2023.

Do you have a way for your school community to place items on your school board’s agendas? Missouri’s new law requires this to be a part of your community engagement policy by July 1, 2023.

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Launch your community engagement strategy

Are you ready for this change? 

Today’s parents are more involved than ever before and Missouri House Bill 1750 could burden your staff with an influx of inbound requests from community members as they seek to communicate with your school board and submit agenda items. 

K12 Insight can support you in implementing your community engagement policy with Let’s Talk — the only all-in-one customer service platform built for schools.

Streamline inbound requests 

Let’s Talk can easily be set up to allow stakeholders to submit their questions, comments, concerns, and agenda items to the district and school board.

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Gain real-time insights

Let’s Talk provides you with data to reveal needs, trends, and sentiment through a real-time dashboard and detailed reports.

Analytics displayed on Let's Talk that reads district's CX score, dialogue age in days, and number of dialogues past due.
"Let's Talk helps us collaborate with families and provide a high-quality education for every student. In addition to effectively facilitating community engagement, Let's Talk gives our administrators and board insight into the priorities of our families."
Dallas Ackerman
Director of Communications Liberty Public Schools

Understand community priorities

Let’s Talk gives you insights into community priorities and helps your board and cabinet collaborate — while preventing volatile debates and decisions driven by anecdotes from the loudest voices in the room.

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Collaborate more efficiently

Let’s Talk offers a modern approach to managing inbound inquiries with automated workflows that save time, break down silos, and provide more visibility into critical issues and potential crises.

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Launch your community engagement strategy