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Discover real-world examples, proven tactics, and inspiring journeys that illuminate the path to exceptional customer service, a thriving school climate, and soaring student success. Whether you’re a superintendent, board member, communication leader, or IT leader, unlock the full potential of your district with this roadmap of expert insights.

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Brent Mitchell on Meeting Parents’ Expectations

Brent Mitchell (Chief of Staff), Dr. Joseph Davis (Superintendent), and their team at Ferguson-Florissant School District use K12 Insight’s Let’s Talk to support their customer service goals and streamline communications. Ferguson-Florissant School District routes inquiries — including those directed to the superintendent’s office — through Let’s Talk’s unified, districtwide inbox to ensure questions are answered by the right person or department every time. 

Hear Brent Mitchell’s thoughts on:

James Hiu on Delivering Superior Customer Service

Gresham-Barlow School District relies on Let’s Talk to streamline communications districtwide. The unified inbox captures incoming inquiries related to human resources, transportation, IT and technology services, facilities requests, campus sites, and more. When questions are sent to the wrong person or department, Let’s Talk automatically reroutes them. These automated workflows and communications efforts help Gresham-Barlow deliver superior customer service!

Hear Superintendent James Hiu’s thoughts on:

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Dr. TJ McCray on Why Customer Service Matters

Hear from Dr. TJ McCray, Deputy Superintendent at Madison Metropolitan School District (Wisconsin), as he shares why K-12 school districts should take on a customer service mindset — and how districts consolidating communications processes are experiencing a transformation in customer service delivery, backend workflow speed, and staff time savings.

Hear Dr. McCray’s thoughts on:

Dr. Rochel Daniels on the Power of Districtwide Customer Service

North Kansas City Schools (Missouri) believes in the power of districtwide customer service and leans on automated workflows, streamlined communications, and data dashboards from Let’s Talk to consistently execute their vision.

Hear Superintendent Rochel Daniels’ thoughts on:

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Dr. Hinojosa on Data-Driven Success

Retired Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, who led a successful customer service transformation at Dallas ISD, shares his experience using our Let’s Talk platform. Dive into his thoughts on:

Shirrell Greene on Delivering Stellar Customer Service

Hear how Shirrell Greene, Director Customer Experience of Cleveland Metropolitan Public Schools, uses data-driven strategies and technology to: 

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Dr. Joe Gothard on maximizing his time as a superintendent

Hear from Dr. Joe Gothard, former Superintendent of Saint Paul Public Schools, share his powerful insights on how Saint Paul uses Let’s Talk to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and deliver superior customer service within their district. Listen to how they are:

Dr. Guadalupe Guerrero on improving trust in the district

Dr. Guadalupe Guerrero, former Superintendent of Portland Public Schools, shares the positive impact of implementing Let’s Talk in his district. The platform led to streamlined communication, enhanced responsiveness, and ultimately improved customer service across the school district. His district overcame challenges such as:

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“I highly recommend K12 Insight. Their platform, Let’s Talk, is customer-centric and streamlines input from all district stakeholders — parents, students, staff, business leaders, and community members. Their solutions make it easy to hear from everyone who is truly interested in making a difference in your school district. Improved customer service is proven to make a difference in a district’s operations, and therefore the lives of its students.”

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