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Hear candid insights from visionary school district leaders on data-driven strategies, communication mastery, community engagement, and technology's role in achieving your goals. Discover real-world examples, proven tactics, and inspiring journeys that illuminate the path to exceptional customer service, a thriving school climate, and soaring student success. Whether you're a superintendent, board member, communication leader, or IT leader, unlock the full potential of your district with this roadmap of expert insights.


Dr. Hinojosa on Data-Driven Success

Retired Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, who led a successful customer service transformation at Dallas ISD, shares his wisdom on data-driven education in this insightful video. Dive into his thoughts on:

  • Harnessing data to make informed decisions that improve student outcomes
  • Empowering educators with technology to personalize learning and unlock student potential
  • Building trust and collaboration among stakeholders for successful data-driven initiatives

Dr. Hinojosa also shares his experience using our Let’s Talk platform to foster open communication and gather valuable community feedback within his districts. Watch this video to hear his insights on how data-driven approaches can transform your school district and discover how K12 Insight can transform your school district’s customer service journey.



Shirrell Greene on Elevating Communication and Community Engagement

Hear Shirrell Greene, Director Customer Experience of Cleveland Metropolitan Public Schools, share her powerful insights on:

  • The transformative power of clear communication and community engagement.
  • Leveraging technology to bridge communication gaps and empower stakeholders.
  • Building genuine relationships for lasting impact on your school district.

Discover how Shirrell uses data-driven strategies and technology to build open communications and strong partnerships in her district. Watch the video and unlock the potential of communications to transform your school community.



Dr. Joe Gothard on Data and Customer Service

Hear from Dr. Joe Gothard, Superintendent of Saint Paul Public Schools, share his powerful insights on:

  • Data-driven decisions for optimized operations and improved student outcomes.
  • Transforming service through technology to empower staff and elevate experiences.
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement for lasting impact.

Discover how Dr. Gothard uses data and technology to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and deliver superior service in his district. Watch the video and unlock the potential to transform your school district’s operations and service journey.



Dr. Guadalupe Guerrero on Transforming Communication

Dr. Guadalupe Guerrero, former Superintendent of Portland Public Schools, shares the positive impact of implementing Let’s Talk in his district. The platform led to streamlined communication, enhanced responsiveness, and improved sentiment across the school district. His district overcame challenges such as:

  • A deluge of inquiries: Unresolved issues and unanswered questions were eroding trust and satisfaction
  • Inefficient communication channels: Fragmented communication hindered effective responses and follow-up
  • Lack of transparency and accountability: The community felt unheard and disconnected from the district

Dr. Guerrero’s inspiring story offers valuable insights for school district leaders facing similar challenges. Watch the video and unlock the potential of effective communication to transform your district’s community engagement.


Gary Ray - GR Recruiting

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