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Empowering Students to Report Bullying Threats
Temecula Valley Unified School District uses Let’s Talk to empower students to report bullying threats and prevent crises by listening.
Woman smiling at her laptop with a chatbot conversation pop-up next to her
How Chatbots are Revolutionizing K-12 Communications
Learn six facts about chatbots to help you understand how a chatbot can help your school district deliver superior customer service.
Girl wearing face mask writing on paper looking at laptop screen
10 Trends Impacting School District Communications
Health and safety policies. Misinformation. Divisive politics. Budget deficits. As the education environment evolves, so will the jobs of K-12 comm...
Business woman standing and talking with business man
15 Questions To Ask When You’re Auditing Your District’s SaaS Solutions
K-12 education has changed dramatically in recent years — fueling the digital transformation for school districts across the country and rendering ...
Business man sitting and listening attentively
Building Trust Through Listening
Most school districts do an excellent job of communicating outbound messages — but the other side, listening, is a much greater challenge. Listenin...
Man and woman collaborating on laptop
Webinar Replay 56:53
The Future of School Communications
In this webinar, you’ll learn how school communicators use Let’s Talk — the streamlined customer service and intelligence solution built for K-12 s...
programmer pointing at computer monitor near colleague
Webinar Replay 54:27
How School IT Leaders Can Use CX/CI
The education landscape has changed and it’s likely your existing software solutions aren’t fully serving the needs of students, teachers, and fami...
Woman with pen and paper in her hand talking with child
Webinar Replay
Preventing Mental Health and Safety Crises
All it takes is one crisis or missed at-risk student to change everything. Learn how Temecula Valley Unified School District in California uses Let...
Teacher helping three young students working on a laptop
Webinar Replay 45:12
Elevating Internal and External Communications Through Let's Talk
Bibb County School District shares how their district has simplified workflows while creating opportunities for meaningful conversations with inter...
Businesswoman leading conference room meeting
Webinar Replay 41:19
Gathering Stakeholder Feedback Through Let's Talk
Flagler Schools in Florida shares how they have used Let’s Talk to create meaningful dialogues with stakeholders and provide an easy way to gather ...
Business woman reaches for a sticky note on wall
Webinar Replay
Providing Superior Customer Service During Enrollment
Corpus Christi Independent School District’s communications team shares how their district uses the power of Let's Talk to support enrollment while...
Parent shaking teacher's hand while child sits at desk writing in notebook
Minimize Security Risks While Improving Customer Service
This white paper will will walk you through the five drivers of superior customer service in K-12 education and how these drivers impact school IT ...

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