Group of students walking in school halls

2021-2022 Benchmark Report on School Quality

K12 Insight’s 2021-2022 Benchmark Report on School Quality offers valuable insights about the perceptions of parents, staff, and students when it comes to their districts and schools.

Understanding perceptions of school environment and culture

So much has changed in education in recent years — making it more critical than ever for you to understand the student, family, and staff perceptions and experiences in your district. 

K12 Insight’s 2021-2022 Benchmark Report on School Quality collected feedback from parents/guardians, campus-based staff, and secondary students in grades 6-12 to provide district leaders with meaningful insights into how they can properly respond to the needs of their community at the district and school levels. 

Read the report to learn: 

  • Gaps and alignments in the perceptions of overall quality, academic support, student support, school leadership, family involvement, and safety and behavior
  • How your district is performing compared to other districts across the nation
  • Action items you can work toward to provide high-quality experiences across your district
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