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K12 Insight has helped over 400 districts across the nation deliver better experiences, better engagement, and better education.
Start delivering superior customer service in your school district
K12 Insight — a leading innovator of customer intelligence solutions for schools — helps you improve customer service and stakeholder engagement using a powerful customer service platform and chatbot, research, and professional development.
Let’s Talk Customer Service Platform A cloud-based customer service and intelligence platform that helps your deliver superior customer service to your school community. Get to know Let's Talk
Let’s Talk Assistant Chatbot The first chatbot built specifically for K-12 school districts, providing always-on customer service to help your stakeholders get answers to frequently asked questions 24-7. Meet our chatbot
Let's Talk Knowledge Base Giving your district stakeholders a one-stop shop for informational articles that answer common frequently asked questions. Learn more about Knowledge Base
Managed Research Providing you the expertise and tools to help collect feedback and analyze data that identifies gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment in your district. Explore Managed Research services
Engage Survey Platform A DIY, cloud-based survey solution built for K-12 school districts — helping you build, administer, and analyze community surveys to build trust, encourage collaborative decision-making, and improve school climate Get to know our survey platform
Professional Development Expert-led, interactive virtual and in-person customer service workshops to help to uplevel your team’s customer service skills. Find out more about our workshops