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K12 Insight launches Spanish, live agent for Let's Talk Assistant

New features enable school leaders to provide equitable customer service and engagement to Spanish-speaking families, create internal efficiencies.

June 24, 2021 – K12 Insight today announced the launch of Spanish language and live agent capabilities for Let’s Talk Assistant — the first chatbot built specifically for K-12 school districts.

Let’s Talk Assistant helps school leaders provide always-on customer service, create internal efficiencies and improve the school customer experience. The new Spanish feature helps school districts provide equitable customer service to Spanish-speaking families, allowing users to toggle seamlessly between languages on any device.

“Let’s Talk Assistant and our new Spanish language and live agent features are all about efficiency and making it easier for school leaders to provide equitable service to customers,” said Suhail Farooqui, founder and CEO of K12 Insight. “Access is so important — especially now. We want to ensure families can communicate comfortably, with confidence, from any device.”

The Spanish language option is critical for school districts in which a large number of families speak primarily Spanish.

“PPSD is proud to be the first district in New England to launch the Let’s Talk Assistant in both English and Spanish,” said Dr. Javier Montanez, interim superintendent of Providence Public Schools in Rhode Island. “We’re committed to ensuring that our interactions reflect and express the core values of our district — particularly equity and access — and this bilingual chatbot allows us to serve our families in a culturally responsive way.”

“Offering the Let’s Talk Assistant in Providence reflects our commitment to engaging our families and ensuring we have a clear line of communication,” said Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green. “Over half of the students in Providence Public Schools come from homes where English is not the primary language. This innovative tool will help us better reach the diverse communities we serve which is a core priority.”

In California, 43% of families speak a language other English at home. That number is 35% in Texas and 30% in Florida, respectively.

“These new capabilities give every family a fast, efficient and equitable way to find important information and ask questions about their child’s school while significantly reducing the time school staff members spend responding to inbound emails and phone calls,” Farooqui said.

Let’s Talk Assistant can also connect users to a live agent, helping stakeholders find the information they need if an answer online isn’t immediately available. K12 Insight helps school districts set up teams of any size, and scale up or down, depending on time of day.

“Stakeholders should be able to find the information they need within seconds,” Farooqui said. “When that doesn’t happen, they should be able to connect with a real person. We use data from more than 100 participating school districts to help school districts plan for when and how to staff the live feature to ensure their success.”

For more information about K12 Insight or Let’s Talk Assistant, visit k12insight.com.

By K12 Insight
Originally published June 24, 2021 Last updated June 3, 2024