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America’s K-12 schools

Grateful for K-12: 3 Reasons We Appreciate America's Schools

It’s time to give thanks.

Thanksgiving offers a much-needed opportunity to step back, reflect on the past year, and identify the things that make us grateful.

Through our work with K-12 districts across the country, we’re lucky enough to see the special things that are happening in America’s schools. Despite an array of challenges–from increasing competition to dwindling budgets to safety and others–America’s schools are doing amazing work, every single day. 

So, as you sit down with family, friends, food (and football!) this week, take a few minutes to reflect on your local schools and how they’ve helped shape your lives and the lives of your children.

Here are three reasons we’re thankful for America’s K-12 schools. 

1. Passionate, talented teachers and staff make an impact every day.

There’s no doubt attracting and retaining talented staff and faculty is getting harder every year for K-12 schools. 

The national teacher attrition rate hovers around 8 percent, according to the Learning Policy Institute, and a rash of high-profile teacher strikes over the last few school years has shined a spotlight on the ongoing struggles of school districts when it comes to staff compensation and support.

Despite this, it’s hard to deny the talent and passion of America’s educators. They face the challenges of reduced resources and changing technology in stride and make a lasting impact on students every day.    

2. Schools are focused on experiences, not just academics.

Today’s students and parents aren’t only worried about what they’re learning. How they learn–and what the experience is when they enter a school–are just as important as academics.

As K12 Insight’s first annual State of K-12 Customer Experience Report found, a majority of school leaders are focused on building trusting relationships and exceptional customer experiences for students, parents, and other community members. 

Keith Simmons, chief of staff at Bibb County Schools in Georgia told us, “Customer service is as important as textbooks.” It’s this emerging attitude among school leaders that helps transform the school experience for students, parents, staff, and other community members.

3. As the process of learning is transformed, schools are stepping up.

In a world where the answer to virtually every question can be found with one click on your phone, are schools as we know them obsolete?

America’s schools are answering that question with a resounding “No.”

From utilizing cutting edge technology to exploring and implementing new learning strategies, schools are equipping students with the power of problem-solving and analysis and preparing them for an ever-evolving, digital economy.

Instead of just regurgitating facts, today’s students are better equipped to use those facts in innovative ways and contribute to a more connected world.

We hope you have a happy, healthy, and restful Thanksgiving.