2023 CGCS Annual Fall Conference

Past Event
October 25, 2023 - October 29, 2023
Hilton Bayfront Presidential Suite
San Diego, California

Meet the K12 Insighters who attended CGCS!

Suhail Farooqui
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Max Lush
Account Executive
Joe Douglass
Senior Account Executive
Ben Martin
Ben Martin
Account Executive
Steve Ebinger
Steve Ebinger
Account Executive
K12 Insight
Andre Evans
Account Executive
Krista Coleman
Krista Coleman
Chief Customer Officer
Gary Ray
Education Executive Leadership Recruiter

The power of school customer service

Elevate customer service. Improve school climate. Advance student achievement.

Decades of research prove the connection between a positive school climate and higher levels of student achievement. But how can K-12 leaders cultivate a better school culture?

A district’s climate is impacted by many things — academic success, interpersonal relationships, safety, leadership structure, and the physical environment. Concerns with any one of these can lead to student attrition, failed bond proposals, low academic achievement, or negative district perceptions.

Solving each dimension individually will yield mediocre results, but there is one thing that, if improved, has the power to transform all of them: customer service.

By intentionally transforming customer service delivery districtwide, you’ll begin to see distinct improvements in every other facet of your district’s operations.

Have customer service KPIs in your strategic plan?

K12 Insight has helped hundreds of districts revolutionize their customer service

We’ve developed a short, 5-question quiz to help districts analyze the current state of customer service in their communities — and identify next steps on the journey to superior districtwide customer service delivery.

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