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College and Career Readiness

Are your graduates future ready?

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The Challenge

Graduation is an important milestone, but it isn’t the end goal. You want students to succeed in life and work. But too many learners aren’t leaving your schools with skills they need to compete.

The Opportunity

To prepare students for college and career success, you have to find out what they need. That means learning to ask the right questions—to both students and employers.

How K12 Insight can help

K12 Insight

Use the K12 Insight platform to solicit candid feedback from current and former students, employers and stakeholders. Then align your programs to better prepare learners for life beyond the classroom.

  • Get candid feedback from students and other community members
  • Use community insights to learn what local employers want in new hires
  • Find out how prepared alumni and recent graduates are for college or career success
  • Get customized reports and strategic recommendations to make positive changes

Take it from some of our school partners

Michael Nagler,Superintendent

Mineola Public Schools, NY

“The best way to determine if a student is college and career ready is to ask them. Our partnership with K12 Insight has provided invaluable data that insures we are preparing our students for life after high school.”

Michael Nagler,
Mineola Public Schools, NY

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