Retain students through customer service

With more education options than ever before, parents and students are quick to leave a district they don’t feel is meeting their needs. Delivering superior customer service using Let’s Talk can help school retention in your district.


Listen to your community

Families want dialogue, not a broadcast

From charter schools and homeschooling to virtual and private alternatives, new options are everywhere. Families want to be seen, heard, and served. For public schools to thrive in years to come, they need to provide superior service to stakeholders.

Easily respond to inquiries from families

Set your district apart with superior service

With a unified inbox and automated workflows, Let’s Talk can streamline your communications to ensure every family gets the answers they need while helping you meet stakeholder expectations in a highly competitive K-12 education marketplace.


There is a direct correlation between family satisfaction and district-provided customer service: As satisfaction increases, so does trust; and as trust increases, so does the likelihood and frequency of positive recommendations.