Transcending "the Way it's Always Been Done"

Revolutionize IT ticketing and improve communications in your district.

Streamline operations and save time with a powerful IT ticketing and workflow automation platform.

Spending hours a day routing tickets and managing IT requests? You’re not alone.
Many public school IT professionals find themselves bogged down by administrative tasks,
leaving little time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Imagine a world where you’re not spending hours routing tickets…

…where IT inquiries are automatically routed to the right person based on AI-powered keyword recognition. Where you can focus on strategic initiatives, instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

That world is possible with K12 Insight.

Our IT ticketing platform automates and simplifies districtwide workflows to streamline communications and ensure omnichannel support for internal and external customers.


Save up to 40-60% of your time

on ticket routing, so you can focus on more important things.

Provide omnichannel support

for internal and external customers, so everyone can get the help they need when they need it.

Eliminate silos

and improve collaboration by combining IT ticketing with districtwide workflows.

Make your workday easier

with AI-powered keyword recognition that automatically routes inquiries to the right people or teams.

Deflect tickets

Build automated workflows to manage inbound requests

Let’s Talk is an easy-to-implement platform with a user-friendly interface that supports no-code development and delivers an omnichannel customer support option for both internal and external customers.

Leave the inbox behind

Pave the way for digital transformation

All it takes is one ransomware attack to change everything — but the digital transformation demands both speed and security. Let’s Talk takes your communications out of the inbox and into a 21st century customer intelligence platform, promising minimized breach risks while increasing ticket response times.

future of school communications

Track districtwide dialogues

Get the metrics that matter

It’s time to consolidate your tech stack to represent an era of flexibility and accessibility. Let’s Talk puts every department’s dialogues in one place so you can track department and districtwide KPIs with real-time reporting and customer service metrics.


“Closing tickets isn’t the same as serving people well. Most IT leaders are running tech stacks that are exhausting, time-consuming, and expensive for everyone. In every way, it’s time for a change.”


records leaked from 2,000 data breaches since 2005


rise in ransomware attacks in 2021


SaaS solutions are accessed by school districts each month

“With Let’s Talk, every dialogue is automatically routed to the correct department based on keyword recognition — improving efficiency and service.”

Derek Moore

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Palo Alto Unified School District (California)

“Let’s Talk helps our IT professionals work with other departments to deliver fast, effective, and engaging service to our district’s stakeholders.”

Zach Lind

CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER Ithaca City School District (New York)

“It was important for our district to centralize and streamline our digital transformation strategy – Let’s Talk brought our department together.”

Ashley Cowger