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Equity & Multilingual Families

Increase access to support and services through equitable communications

Effective communication requires equitable access. Let’s Talk helps you ensure even the hardest to reach members of your community feel informed about what's happening in their district.
Eliminate barriers

Equitable communications access for all stakeholders

While technology has increased access to information, many stakeholders face barriers to critical support. Let’s Talk helps you reduce barriers to information — including language and culture, limited or no internet access, lack of access to technology, and others.
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Reach every member of your community

Meet your stakeholders where they are

It’s not enough to post information on your district’s website and hope every stakeholder sees it. Equitable school communications requires using the right channels and messaging for the right audience — while being inclusive of every stakeholder’s needs and preferences.
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Increase access through translation

Provide multilingual communications

Let’s Talk helps school districts be more inclusive to families by providing translation tools that can translate dialogues in up to 13 languages by default (with additional language options available).
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