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Data Breaches & Security

Ensure your district's stakeholders stay safe and secure

K-12 IT staff have more responsibilities and duties, more potential for breach of access and cyber risk, and more stakeholders to serve than ever before. Let’s Talk provides a secure, reliable alternative to platforms laden with muddled accountability and security risks.
Cybersecurity is a growing concern

Data breaches can have catastrophic consequences

Cybersecurity threats threaten learning, communications, confidential data, and more. Since 2005, there have been nearly 2,000 breaches in educational institutions — with the number rising exponentially each year.

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Is your district ready?

Defend your district against cyberattacks

All it takes is one ransomware attack to change everything. Let’s Talk can transform your communications strategy — reducing the risk of data breaches and keeping your school community safe from cyber threats.

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Protect your district from hackers

Move communications out of inboxes and into the 21st century

Outdated communications practices — like listing email addresses publicly on your district website — can increase the risk of cyber attack. Let’s Talk offers a unified inbox, providing a safe and secure platform for stakeholder communications.

data breaches and security