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Bonds, Levies, & Rezoning

Ensure a successful bond proposal by building trust

Getting stakeholder buy-in on crucial decisions like bond proposals, levies, and rezoning efforts requires time, listening, and proactive communications. Use Let’s Talk to give every stakeholder a voice and gather valuable feedback from your community.
Listen to your community

Make your stakeholders feel heard

Let’s Talk makes it easy for stakeholders in your district to share their ideas, opinions, questions, and concerns – and for you to make decisions based on their valuable feedback.

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Manage questions and concerns

Provide accurate, timely information

Communicating to stakeholders about proposals and rezoning efforts can be complex. Let’s Talk simplifies communications by making it easy for you to create dedicated landing pages and a Knowledge Base filled with informational articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Athena Vadnais, APR, Director of Communications, Gresham-Barlow School District (Oregon)

“If people feel like they played a role in your school bond proposal, they are going to communicate on your behalf – and you’ll be able to reach many more people as a result.”

Make data-driven decisions

Gain insights into your school community

With Let’s Talk, it’s never been easier to use data to reveal trends and needs from your families and community members – providing deep insights into the perceptions of experiences in your school community.

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Build support

A winning formula for successful measures

Behind every successful proposal is a smart communications plan. Use Let’s Talk as the platform for your next bond proposal or rezoning effort to engage your community in meaningful two-way conversations.

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