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The Case for Customer Service in Schools
Customer service is no longer a “nice to have” — it's a necessity. Developing a culture of customer service in your school district will help you a...
through any crisis
Keep your district strong through any crisis
The K-12 environment has drastically shifted, and crisis and reputation management issues are brewing at many school districts — even those with st...
Group of superintendents in a conference room having a meeting
Find out how to provide superior customer service in your district
In a time of teacher attrition, declining enrollment, and precarious funding, the pathway to a successful, harmonious school district means creatin...
elementry school
Ensure your students and staff feel safe
There's never been a more important time to ensure the safety and well-being of all students, staff, and families. Let's Talk offers a reliable way...
School Choice
Retain students through customer service
With more education options than ever before, parents and students are quick to leave a district they don’t feel is meeting their needs. Delivering...
Transcending "the Way it's Always Been Done"
Revolutionize IT ticketing and improve communications in your district.
Girl smiling and sitting on step with smart phone in her hand
Increase access to support and services with equitable school communication plan
Effective school communication plans require equitable access. Let’s Talk helps you ensure even the hardest to reach members of your community feel...
Mother walking young daughter wearing backpack to enroll in school
Reduce student attrition through superior customer service
Districts around the country are managing dwindling enrollment as families shift to competing options. Let’s Talk provides a platform for community...
Employee Engagement
Retain your school staff through intentional engagement
Working in K-12 education has become increasingly difficult as teachers and staff juggle criticism, divisive politics, learning loss, and misinform...
data breaches heroine
Ensure your district's stakeholders stay safe and secure
K-12 IT staff have more responsibilities and duties, more potential for breach of access and cyber risk, and more stakeholders to serve than ever b...
A group standing in a line with their arms linked behind each other's backs.
Strengthen community connections across your district
Family and community engagement is critical to district success — and listening is key. Let's Talk gives your stakeholders a voice, helping you str...
communications leader
Create one source of truth in your district
In today’s media environment, even the best managed school district is just one blog post or tweet away from a crisis. Let’s Talk helps you take co...
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