Success Story

Dr. Joe Gothard on Data and Customer Service

Learn how St. Paul Public Schools uses Let's Talk to foster a culture of community engagement, accessible information, and data-driven decision making.
District Snapshot
33,000 students
37 elementary schools
16 middle schools
10 high schools
2 alternative schools
4 special education schools

Unlocking Operational Excellence

Hear from Dr. Joe Gothard, as superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools, share his powerful insights on:

  • Data-driven decisions for optimized operations and improved student outcomes.
  • Transforming service through technology to empower staff and elevate experiences.
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement for lasting impact.

Discover how Dr. Gothard used data and technology to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and deliver exceptional service in Saint Paul. He’s brought Let’s Talk and all the same tactics to his new role as superintendent of Madison Metropolitan School District (Wisconsin).

Watch the video and unlock the potential to transform your school district’s operations and service journey.

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