Success Story

Dr. Guadalupe Guerrero on Transforming Communication

Learn how Portland Public Schools uses Let's Talk to foster a culture of community engagement, accessible information, and data-driven decision making.
District Snapshot
44,770 students
45 elementary schools
10 K-8
15 middle schools
10 high schools

From Chaos to Confidence

Dr. Guadalupe Guerrero, as superintendent of Portland Public Schools, shares the positive impact implementing Let’s Talk that led to streamlined communication, enhanced responsiveness, and improved sentiment across the school district. The district overcame some challenges such as:

  • A deluge of inquiries: Unresolved issues and unanswered questions were eroding trust and satisfaction
  • Inefficient communication channels: Fragmented communication hindered effective responses and follow-up
  • Lack of transparency and accountability: The community felt unheard and disconnected from the district

Dr. Guerrero’s inspiring story offers valuable insights for school district leaders facing similar challenges. Watch the video and unlock the potential of effective communication to transform your district’s community engagement.

K12 Insight Experts in EDU - Guadalupe Guerrero

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