Success Story

Dr. Rochel Daniels on the Power of Districtwide Customer Service

Find out why Dr. Rochel Daniels and her team at North Kansas City Schools rely on Let’s Talk to support their customer service goals and track metrics toward KPIs.
District Snapshot
21,500 students
4 high schools
2 sixth grade centers
22 middle schools
5 special programs schools

North Kansas City Schools (Missouri) believes in the power of districtwide customer service and lean on automated workflows, streamlined communications, and data dashboards from Let’s Talk to consistently execute their vision. 

Hear Superintendent Rochel Daniels’ thoughts on: 

  • Saving staff time by streamlining communications and deduplicating efforts 
  • Getting past anecdote-driven opinions and making decisions rooted in data
  • Why every school district should adopt a customer-centric mentality

North Kansas City Schools

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