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Dr. Dan Clemens on Community Engagement

Learn how North Kansas City Public Schools uses Let's Talk to foster a culture of community engagement, accessible information, and data-driven decision making.
District Snapshot
14,094 students
29 elementary schools
7 middle schools
5 high schools

Building Bridges & Empowering Voices

Hear Dr. Dan Clemens, Superintendent of North Kansas City Public Schools, share his insightful approach to building a thriving school community. Discover how he leverages our Let’s Talk platform to:

  • Foster open communication and engagement: Empower your community to share their voices and actively participate in the educational process.
  • Ensure accessible information: Provide transparent and easy-to-understand information to build trust and collaboration.
  • Make data-driven decisions: Analyze community feedback alongside other data sources to guide impactful decisions for your district.

Unlock the potential of community engagement for your school district. Watch the video and see how Dr. Clemens uses Let’s Talk to build bridges and empower voices in North Kansas City.

K12 Insight Experts in EDU - Dan Clemens

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