Success Story

Dr. Hinojosa on Data-Driven Success

Dr. Hinojosa shares his experience using Let’s Talk to foster open communication and gather valuable community feedback within his districts and deliver on his promise of customer service excellence in his Dallas ISD.
District Snapshot
District Snapshot
143,400 students
150 elementary schools
40 middle schools
37 high schools

Unlocking Student Potential

Former Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, who led successful transformations at Dallas ISD and Austin ISD, shares his wisdom on data-driven education in this insightful video. Dive into his thoughts on:

  • Harnessing data to make informed decisions that improve student outcomes
  • Empowering educators with technology to personalize learning and unlock student potential
  • Building trust and collaboration among stakeholders for successful data-driven initiatives

Dr. Hinojosa also shares his experience using our Let’s Talk platform to foster open communication and gather valuable community feedback within his districts. Watch this video to hear his insights on how data-driven approaches can transform your school district and discover how K12 Insight can transform your school district’s customer service journey.

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