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School Calendar and Bell Changes

Calendar changes are hard

Start by asking the right questions

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The Challenge

Families and staff plan their lives around your school calendar and bell schedule. The slightest blip in routine can wreak havoc. Win support for necessary changes by inviting feedback ahead of your decisions.

The Opportunity

Ask your community to weigh in on proposed school calendar and bell changes. Find out how those changes will impact them at home and at work. Then use that information to make the smart choice for your school community.

Why K12 Insight?

K12 Insight

The K12 Insight platform helps you engage parents and staff ahead of important school calendar and bell changes. Give your community the opportunity to weigh in, listen to their feedback, then use that information to inform and explain your decision.

  • Give parents and staff an easy way to weigh in on proposed schedule and bell changes
  • Perform custom research and analysis, including surveys and focus groups, to understand how proposed school calendar and bell changes might affect the community
  • Use detailed reports to weigh all available options and inform your choice
  • Show your community how their input ultimately factored into your decision

Take it from one of our school partners

David Schuler

District 214

“The survey response was really powerful and impactful…I think you’re going to see student achievement levels skyrocket.”

Dr. David Schuler,
District 214, Illinois

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