Apps and Integrations

Let’s Talk is the only AI-powered, all-in-one district-wide customer service and intelligence platform built for education. The platform-native power to automate workflows, streamline communications and improve customer service can be expanded further with the integration capabilities and partnerships that K12 Insight has available. Plus, with SSO it further enhances the security and usability of the platform for your users. 


SIS Integrations

Our customers use these integrations to add relevant data to incoming dialogues such as parent or guardian information, siblings, bus route information and more. This saves significant time from swiveling between platforms while supporting customers. They also can use this integration to create distribution lists for our outbound communication feature, campaign manager. Leveraging diverse integration options, K12 Insight seamlessly connects with any Student Information System (SIS) via:


Automated SFTP transfers

Ensuring secure and reliable data exchange through industry-standard protocols.


Robust data integrators

Facilitating connectivity with even the most complex or legacy SIS systems.

SFTP Transfer

Automated data sync daily or weekly via SFTP transfers using provided pre-formatted CSV templates. Our customers have used this method to sync data from SIS systems including:

Robust Data Integrators

K12 Insight partners with ClassLink to allow for easy sync of SIS data using their Rostering service.


Let’s Talk! provides programmatic access to creating dialogue and updating dialogue status using a simple, powerful, and secure application programming interface, the Let’s Talk! Web Services API.

Let’s Talk! is both scalable and extensible, and it embraces open Internet standards (HTTP, XML, SOAP, WSDL) for access and consumption by any client or Internet-enabled device.


Let’s Talk integrates with various services to support school districts with user authentication such as Identity Automation, Azure, OneLogin, Classlink, Google Workspace, Active Directory, and ADFS. This helps increase productivity and experience of users who have to use multiple systems, and it improve security by reducing the number of passwords a user needs to remember. 

active-directory -federation-services

We support SSO via several methods, including

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

Let’s Talk! supports all IdP-initiated SAML SSO (Recommended)

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) /Active Directory

Let’s Talk! supports SSO through various LDAP/AD systems.

Interested in becoming an integration partner?

Becoming a partner offers you the ability to connect your platform or service with the power of Let’s Talk, making it easier for platform users and administrators to provide excellent customer service.