About K12 Insight

We’re a team inspired by the power of software to transform the landscape of schools and we’re deeply committed to elevating the education experience for families, students, teachers, staff, and communities.

The K-12 environment has drastically shifted. 

School districts have more students in need; more teacher burnout; more health, safety, and security demands; and more complexity, exhaustion, and frustration.

And the top districts that keep their students, staff, and funding have one thing in common: They deliver superior customer service.

K12 Insight partners with school districts to provide better experiences and engagement using a powerful customer experience and intelligence platform, an AI-powered chatbot, research, and professional development.

By providing stakeholders with superior customer service, school districts can build trust capital, improve family and community engagement, generate public support for key initiatives, and foster a positive school environment.

Our mission is to help K-12 districts deliver superior customer service easier, faster, and more intentionally.

Leading innovator of customer engagement

As a leading innovator of customer service and intelligence solutions for schools, we’ve helped over 400 districts across the nation adapt to the digital transformation since 2002.

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Suhail Farooqui

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Hamid Farooqui

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Krista Coleman

Chief Customer Officer

Daniel Clemens

Senior Vice President of District Relations

Stephanie Gassen

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Ben Meadema

Senior Vice President of Finance and Planning

Stephanie Barney

Vice President of Client Experience

Jenna Gawronski

Vice President of Sales


Carlee Carrier

Senior Manager of Client Success

Jennifer Coisson, Ph.D.

Director of Research Operations

Lynn Fersh

Senior Director of Product Operations

Amanda Hopkins

Director of People

Nadeem Khedekar

Senior Product Manager

Amy Kimmett

Senior Manager of Product Design

Alan MacDonald

Director of Client Services

Franck Reyherme

Senior Manager of Data Science

Although we’re headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, our team — from former superintendents, principals, and teachers to K-12 research and customer service experts — lives and works across the United States.