About Us

Creating a world where schools and communities work better together


We help schools listen

Behind every great school is a great conversation.

We help schools learn

Feedback is just data. Until you do something with it.

We help schools lead

Because every great vision demands a great plan.

Who we are

We’re a group of former educators and administrators. Many of us are parents. We believe in the power of our local schools and the tremendous potential of our students. That work starts in the classroom. But it extends to the community, to the relationships you build with parents, teachers, students and staff. That’s where we come in.

Our story

When we launched K12 Insight more than a decade ago, our mission was clear: to create a world where schools and communities work better together.

Today, we partner with thousands of school leaders across the country to help them build stronger, more trusting relationships with the people who matter most. Through a unique combination of cloud-based technology, research, and expert consulting, we empower educators everywhere to solve critical issues in their school communities and to lead by listening first.

Our team

Suhail Farooqui
Chief Executive Officer
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Hamid Farooqui
Chief Technology Officer
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Dr. Stephan Knobloch
Chief Learning Officer
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Dr. Gerald Dawkins
Supt. and District Relations
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Dr. Shelby McIntosh
Managing Director, Southwest
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Katie Rediger
Managing Director, Midwest
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Angela Garinger
Managing Director, West
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Adam Dean
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Maryam Elsaid
Client Services
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Jeffrey Masline
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Boyd Camak
Business Development
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Corey Murray
Marketing & Content
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Todd Kominiak
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Dr. David Blaiklock
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Dr. Alisha Martinez
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Taryn Dewey
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Erika Moore
Client Communications
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Melissa Krut
Corporate Training
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Lynn Fersh
Let’s Talk! Implementation
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Farooq Akhtar
Engage Implementation
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Anthony Nash
Product UI/UX
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Eric Yamoah
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