Elevate customer service.

Improve school climate.

Advance student achievement.

Streamline inbound communications, identify problems before they become crises, and make data-driven decisions with the only all-in-one customer service and intelligence platform purpose-built for K-12 education.

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A Comprehensive Suite of K-12 School District Customer Service and Communication Solutions

All of the tools you need to automate workflows across departments, centralize inbound and outbound communications, create a culture of customer service and listen to your community.

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Let’s Talk Customer Service and Workflow Platform

Unify your organization by automating and consolidating workflows across departments, streamlining communication, and harnessing community feedback through a single data source. Break down silos and foster collaboration to deliver exceptional customer service to your constituents.

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Managed Research
Combine community feedback with expert-led research that identifies gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment, and make data-driven decisions to drive student success, increase employee satisfaction, and build trust capital.

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Engage Surveys
Collect and analyze community feedback with a DIY, cloud-based survey that helps school leaders build trust, encourage collaborative decision-making, and improve school climate.

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Professional Development
Uplevel your school district’s customer service skills with expert-led, interactive K-12 workshops that reflect the latest education issues and challenges.

The Transformative Power of Customer Service in Schools

Decades of research prove the connection between a positive school climate and higher levels of student achievement. But how can K-12 leaders cultivate a better school culture?

A district’s climate is impacted by many things — academic success, interpersonal relationships, safety, leadership structure, and the physical environment. Concerns with any one of these can lead to student attrition, failed bond proposals, low academic achievement, or negative district perceptions.

Solving each dimension individually yields mediocre results, but research has proven that customer service has the power to transform a school district.

By intentionally transforming customer service delivery districtwide, you’ll begin to see distinct improvements in every other facet of your district’s operations.

Support academic achievement.

Identify gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment, and use the data to inform decision-making to improve schools, drive student success, increase employee satisfaction, and build trust capital.

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Meet rising expectations for superior customer service.

The Let’s Talk dashboard — powered by AI — provides real-time data and predictive analytics to show you key metrics and insights, including trending issues, district response times, and customer satisfaction.

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Build trust and generate public support.

Give school communities an accessible way to ask questions, report concerns, and provide feedback 24-7 from any device — regardless of their preferred method of communication or level of technology access.

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Identify problems before they become crises

All it takes is one crisis to change everything. Set critical alerts to automatically flag and escalate troubling conversations — such as bullying or safety concerns.

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Dr. Scott A. Menzel | Superintendent, Scottsdale Unified School District (Arizona)

“Let’s Talk created a platform for us to not only gather information but to also provide timely and consistent feedback to our stakeholders.”