K12 Insight helps school administrators overcome obstacles that make it difficult to drive necessary change for the transformation of public education.

These obstacles arise primarily because most parents, teachers and staff remain disengaged from public education’s core issues and are unfamiliar with its numerous opportunities and challenges.

Instead, the discourse is often dominated by a small subset of stakeholders, who, despite their best intentions, may not represent the position of the overall community or stakeholder group at-large.

By embracing a culture of transparency and collaborative decision-making, district leadership can offer all stakeholders opportunities to provide input on key decisions.

Those stakeholders do not expect miracles. They do, however, expect authentic communication. As true partners in their children’s education, they expect the unvarnished truth — both the good news and bad news.

Over the past decade, K12 Insight has worked with hundreds of school districts to help engage their silent majorities. We can do the same for your district, freeing up administrators and school boards to focus on advancing the cause of public education as we strive to meet the challenges of a new century.

“If We Don't Stand Up for Public Schools, Who Will?”
Presented by Suhail A. Farooqui at the DALI Winter 2014 Summit
To build public trust — and gain support for difficult decision-making — superintendents must promote authentic dialogue with all stakeholders.
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“Rising to Defend the Best in Public Education”
Published by AASA in School Administrator, September 2013
In order preserve the best public education has to offer and bring about constructive reform, public school leaders must back hope with action.
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“The Other New Normal”
Published by AASA in School Administrator, August 2012
Become a leader who listens by proactively inviting discourse and taking charge of getting your own message out
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“Leading by Listening & Building Trust”
Published by TASA in INSIGHT, Summer 2012
Unite your community and strengthen your district by engaging in an ongoing, informed dialogue with all your stakeholders
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“How Do We Attain the Real ‘New Normal’?”
Published by AASA in School Administrator, August 2011
To effectively do more with less, school leaders must rethink how they engage with the silent majority
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“Surveys Can Boost Trust Capital”
Published by AASA in School Administrator, August 2010
By using surveys to communicate and build transparent relationships with stakeholders, superintendents can effectively gain the trust of their communities
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“Engaging the Silent Majority to Forge Relationships”
By Lenay Dunn
AASA 2010 Conference Daily; Day 2: February 11, 2010
Educating and informing constituents through surveys — showing an interest in all community opinions — leads to strong stakeholder engagement
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“What Does Lack of Engagement Cost Public Schools?”
CouncilGram: The Newsletter of The New York State Council of School Superintendents; April 2010, page 18
By surveying the community in a methodic, ongoing manner, superintendents can foster a culture of inclusion and transparency
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