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In an effort to further improve our student transportation service model and decrease our response time through effective communication, this web based system has been developed to reduce the number and frequency of non-emergency telephone communications with District transportation offices. This will enable school district personnel to react more swiftly to high priority and/or immediate transportation system safety concerns while attending to lower priority informational requests and reports without negatively impacting day to day operations.  
Depending on the research time required responses can be expected in twenty business days, or sooner. Inquiries or reports received after 4:00 pm will be considered logged in on the following business day.  GPS Transportation policies and procedures can be found on the District website at: //
(See procedures E051.4 Transportation or E051.5 Transportation, Non-Public) This system is designed to:
- Request bus routing information
- Inquire about transportation service parameters
- Report bus driver and or student behavior issues or failure to follow procedures
- Report vehicles passing school buses This system is not designed to:
- Report emergencies requiring immediate response
- Report vehicular accidents or student injury
- Report anonymous reports or complaints
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