How to plan and conduct an effective listening tour in your school district

Effective Listening Tour

Today’s district leaders are faced with many challenges that impact trust within their communities. 

Divisive politics. Misinformation. Declining enrollment. Teacher attrition. 

In the midst of the chaos, highly successful superintendents have one trait in common: their willingness to listen — especially in challenging times.  

A well-executed listening tour is one strategy superintendents can use to uplevel their leadership and help them make better informed decisions to support students, families, and staff. 

What is a listening tour? 

A listening tour is a series of facilitated discussions with key constituents aimed at collecting valuable information about experiences, perceptions, and needs. 

From parents to teachers, each member of your school community has valuable insights that can help drive district success. 

Give your community the opportunity to inform school improvement efforts

Whether you’re a new superintendent or you’ve been with your district for years, executing an effective listening tour can help you collect feedback and demonstrate your district’s commitment to transparency. 

In addition, showing you’re invested in improving communication with stakeholders will elevate trust in your district’s leadership — leading to better experiences, engagement, and education. 

To help school districts plan and conduct successful listening tours, we’ve put together the Superintendent Listening Tour Checklist.

This checklist walks you through the important steps to take before, during, and after a school listening tour to ensure you collect critical insights to help you develop a roadmap for district-wide improvement. 

Plan your listening tour to collect feedback and demonstrate your commitment to transparency to drive district success. Download the checklist today


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Emily Weinberger
Emily Weinberger is a Client Success Manager at K12 Insight. She previously served as a curriculum content writer and special education teacher. Emily earned her master's degree in special education from James Madison University.

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