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Superintendent-Board Relations

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The Challenge

You’ve got a clear vision for your school district. But you won’t succeed on a single initiative without buy-in and support from the members of your school board.

The Opportunity

It comes down to relationships. Be engaging and transparent with the members of your board and your school community, invite their feedback and watch support for your leadership grow.

Why K12 Insight?

K12 Insight

At K12 Insight, we help school leaders foster and maintain strong, working relationships with school board members by establishing open lines of communication, improving accountability and inviting feedback and participation from the school community.

  • Show your board that you’re listening with Let’s Talk!, a community feedback solution
  • Stay ahead of crises and eliminate blind spots 
by setting up critical alerts
  • Generate detailed, presentation-ready reports ahead of key board meetings
  • Conduct focus groups and research-backed surveys to dive deep on key issues

  • Get expert help with school communication and critical board presentations

Take it from one of our school partners

Michael Nagler,Superintendent

Mineola Public Schools, NY

“Our partnership with K12 Insight has led to better outcomes for our students and community.”

Michael Nagler,
Mineola Public Schools, NY

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