New in Let’s Talk!:
We are excited to release new features for Let’s Talk that make it even easier and faster to deliver superior customer service districtwide.
Email Replies: Reply to Let’s Talk dialogues directly from your email inbox — while tracking your dialogue history in Let’s Talk. To get started, look for the ##Reply to email to respond to the customer## at the top of your Let’s Talk email notifications.
Form Builder: Build and launch a new Let’s Talk form for any department or topic with speed and efficiency — like bullying, safety, transportation, human resources and more.
Topics Manager and Success Messages: These features make account setup and maintenance a breeze. Enjoy this intuitive and user-friendly way to manage topics and personalize customer service.
Round Robin Dialogue Assignment: Set up a workflow to automatically distribute the workload across your topic teams.
We know you’re busy this time of year. If you have any questions or would like a short, personalized walkthrough of Form Builder, contact our Client Services Team.