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School climate starts with listening.

We can help.

Test scores aren’t the full picture.

What if you could measure how your schools make people feel?

School climate
parent & student engagement

School Climate Starts With Listening

Test scores aren’t the full picture.

What if you could measure how your schools make people feel?

Hear from parents, students, teachers and staff. K12 Insight helps you measure and improve all 5 dimensions of school climate.

K12 Insight’s 5 Dimensions of School Climate

Academic Support

Academic support

Student Support

Student support

School Leadership

School leadership


Safety & behavior


Parent involvement


See how K12 Insight researchers help turn climate data into action.

Our customer experience solutions combine

Student Climate Parent Engagement

Our customer experience solutions combine

Feedback with expert survey research
to improve school climate

Ask parents, students and staff what they think

Give your community a simple way to comment on school policies, programs and decisions.

Show them you’re listening with timely responses

Build trust by listening and promptly responding to every concern—from any device.

Zero in on critical issues and challenges

Use real-time surveys and insights to improve school climate and student social-emotional health.

Go deeper with a
custom school climate survey.

Ask the right questions

Create the right climate survey for parents, students and staff.

Get everyone involved
(in any language)

We’ll help you administer and promote your survey, so nobody feels excluded.

Turn information into action

Get a full report, with insights from our researchers, to help plan next steps.

Climate Actional

The path to a stronger school climate starts with listening, but it’s how you measure and use that feedback that really matters.

Find out why

Passion starts with trust

Discover the power of a positive
school climate


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