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School Boundary and Zoning Changes

Emotions run high when it comes to school zoning and boundary changes

Make a decision your community can support

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The Challenge

School allegiance is real—and it stretches generations. If you’re going to conduct school boundary and zoning changes, make sure parents and families understand why.

The Opportunity

To earn support for school boundary and zoning changes, you have to listen to your community. The more people feel heard, the more they will respect your decision, even if they disagree.

How K12 Insight can help

k12 Insight

It’s starts with listening. The K12 Insight platform makes it possible to engage in two-way conversations with families and other community members ahead of critical school boundary and zoning decisions.

  • Invite 24-7 feedback on your school boundary and zoning plan
  • See what issues matter most to parents and staff with an online dashboard
  • Conduct surveys and focus groups to identify sticking points ahead of controversial decisions
  • Get custom reports and feedback analysis to show the community how their input affected your decision

Take it from one of our school partners

Michael Nagler,Superintendent

Mineola Public Schools, NY

“Our partnership with K12 Insight has led to better outcomes for our students and community.”

Michael Nagler,
Mineola Public Schools, NY

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