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Rockbridge County Public Schools


Rockbridge County Public Schools

The district
Location: Virginia
2,500 students. 6 schools. Rural mountain landscape

The challenge
The division needed a better way to incorporate student feedback into its strategic plan. So, administrators conducted an engagement survey to capture stakeholder voices,and used that feedback to inform the planning process.

The results
High school students in the district were extremely vocal, sharing their thoughts on everything from learning a new language to drugs and substance abuse. Officials say the feedback has led to the creation of student-centric comprehensive plan.

In their words
“We received a lot of meaningful feedback, and I think that’s energized us and given us positive momentum. The results align well with our new division vision and mission statements and confirm where we’re heading, despite some unexpected surprises.” -Haywood Hand, assistant superintendent

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About Rockbridge County Public Schools
Rockbridge County Public Schools is a 2,500-student school district in Virginia.

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