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Let’s Talk!™ 7.5 Takes Community Engagement to Parents

New features include a Learning Center that gives users access to best practices from inside the platform

(HERNDON, VA) May 23, 2016 – Why wait for your school community to come to you? Take the conversation to your community. That’s the thinking behind Campaign Manager, announced today as part of Let’s Talk! 7.5, a comprehensive upgrade to K12 Insight’s cloud-based community feedback solution.

School leaders know that it’s critical to engage the community in important decisions. Putting a Contact Us button on the school or district website invites feedback from stakeholders, but it doesn’t actively seek it out.

Parents and other community members are busy. Even if the district has an important policy or safety topic to discuss, there’s no guarantee stakeholders will hear about it, much less visit the website to provide feedback. Absent a representative number of responses, it’s hard for school districts to use that input effectively.

With Campaign Manager, school districts can keep their community engaged on important topics throughout the year. The feature makes it possible to create, schedule, and send custom email messages to specific segments of a school community without ever leaving Let’s Talk! Users can choose from one of seven pre-made email templates, or create their own. A special “trickle” feature allows school districts to batch emails and manage the amount of feedback they receive, so that no one staff member or department spends an excessive amount of time responding to email.

“School leaders across the country recognize the importance of community feedback and engagement. Schools have always been great at getting their messages out,” said K12 Insight’s Founder and CEO Suhail Farooqui. “Campaign Manager gives Let’s Talk! users yet another inbound channel to seek critical input from parents, teachers, students, and staff. Listening is not a passive exercise. If you really want to know what people think, you have to take the conversation to your community. Let’s Talk! and Campaign Manager make that possible.”

The Let’s Talk! 7.5 upgrades include a new Learning Center. The resource, accessible to clients from inside the Let’s Talk! platform, gives educators instant access to instructional videos, training materials, best practices, and other resources to help them get the most out of their Let’s Talk! experience.

Other features in Let’s Talk! 7.5 include the following:

  • A “bulk change” feature for faster editing of user information;
  • universal search to find team members in other areas quickly; and
  • updates to Let’s Talk! support exchange to get users help fast.

Let’s Talk! 7.5 is available now.

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