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The best schools

great listeners


Great schools are built on trust.

But building trust isn’t easy.

Before you can earn the support of parents, students and staff, you have to invite them into the conversation.
We help schools build trust by focusing on the customer experience.

That experience starts with listening.

Our approach:

Customer experience listening = community trust

Our K-12 customer experience solutions were created to help you measure community confidence in your schools, drive collaboration and efficiency across departments, and build a trusted school brand focused on providing exceptional experiences for students, parents, teachers and staff.

See it live

To test the quality of your school’s customer experience,

ask these 3 questions.


When families need you, do they know where to turn?


Do you respond to everyone in a timely manner?


Is every response you issue accurate, complete and courteous?

So, how do we do it?

Through a unique combination of cloud-based technology, expert survey research and professional development and training.

Always-on school community engagement

Think of Let’s Talk! as your always-on tool for school community engagement and customer service. Offer an easy way for your community to contact you, listen and collaborate on responses to improve your level of engagement. Then use what you learn to build trust and improve the school experience, one conversation at a time.

Pair Let’s Talk! with our expert K-12 Customer Experience Research service, and take your listening to a deeper level.

Imagine you just launched a new bond campaign, or school safety policy. Through Let’s Talk!, you received a ton of useful feedback. Your community loves that you asked for their input.

Now, you need to probe a little deeper.

With K-12 Customer Experience Research, our team of expert researchers, including several Ph.D.s, can help you build, promote, administer and analyze insightful school district surveys around 50 different critical issues, from school climate and quality to teacher and staff morale to student and parent engagement to special education and family exit surveys.

Too many school district surveys deliver data with no results. Choose from more than 14 school district survey types—and get the expert support and personal insights you need to improve the school experience—and make feedback matter.

Learn more about Customer Experience Survey Research

You’ve raised the bar.
Now, you’ve got to keep it there.

Get customer experience training and professional development for your entire team – and take the final step to help turn everyday interactions with parents, students and staff into exceptional and memorable school experiences.

Our hands-on training program will help you set the gold standard for school community engagement and customer experience. Master the latest customer service techniques, ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and change the mindset in your district, by empowering everyone on you team to do their best work.

Become a customer service super hero

Listen, learn, lead.

Build schools every community member will love.

Implement our solution across your entire district, in a key department, or right down to the school level.