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Infographic: Teachers have mixed feelings about #edtech

You’ve heard the hype about education technology: It has the power to revolutionize the classroom! Reinvent schools! Prepare students for a new century of success! And so on. And so on.

Truth is, technology is a tool—one that needs to be backed up with a strong teaching strategy. Without high-quality teachers to integrate technology effectively, such innovations will do little to improve the quality of education in America’s schools.

Of course, you’ve heard this argument before. But, have you ever stopped to ask your teachers what they think about how technology is integrated in their classrooms?

A new survey from online curriculum provider Edgenuity reveals that most teachers have mixed views about educational technology. While educators almost universally recognize the potential of technology to transform their classrooms, most contend that potential is under-realized, largely due to setbacks or outright failures with implementation.

A few highlights:

  • 70 percent of teachers feel that technology enhances the classroom experience.
  • 4 out of 10 teachers feel that education technology can help with teaching goals.
  • Only 16 percent of teachers give their school an A grade for its technology implementation.
  • 80 percent of teachers say not having access to technology at home affects students’ ability to learn in the classroom.

To learn more about what teachers really think about the use of education technology in schools, see Edgenuity’s infographic below:


How do you engage teachers to ensure ed-tech integrations go smoothly? Tell us in the comments.

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