This is a time of year when many people focus on giving and kindness.

This November & December, Isle of Wight County Schools is focusing on "Gifting Gratitude" for employees to recognize how the positive things in our work lives are often due to people and forces outside of ourselves. No matter the position you hold, we know that our school division is only as good as our employees, and often we depend on each other to do this challenging, yet rewarding, work of educating children and caring for their wellbeing.

A digital form has been created to facilitate an outpouring of appreciation for what you do to help one another. Whether large or small, each day is filled with acts of kindness, connection, and support that contribute to our individual successes and wellbeing.

If you would like to show your gratitude for a colleague, simply click the Let’s Talk! button below or click this link to submit your message of thanks. Your message will be delivered with care before winter break.

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