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February 2021
READ. LISTEN. WATCH. The 205 VIBE™ was created to share the amazing things happening in Rockford Public Schools. The 205 VIBE publishes firsthand stories from district staff, students and community members who support RPS 205.

Erik Manriquez
Bilingual Teacher Raises the Bar for his Students
Erik Manriquez remembers the day in fourth grade when his teacher’s belief in him became apparent. He was new to the class and, more importantly, new to learning in English...Read More

RPS 205 remote teachers
Episode 28: Remote Teachers Focus on Engagement, Creativity & Connection During Pandemic
"There is messiness to it. And it is hard. It’s hard to see what my kids are working on. But if you look at all of those negatives, and you don’t focus on what you can do, and what you’re going to do and what you’d like to do, and what the kids are able to do, then you’re going to be stuck in the messy."

- Jeanine Shumaker, first grade remote teacher at Riverdahl Elementary School


RPS 205 remote teachers, camera lens, play button
Through the Lens: Remote Teachers Focus on Engagement, Creativity & Connection During Pandemic

laptop on table, chefs in kitchen
RPS 205 to Expand Career Preparation
Rockford Public Schools has been awarded a state grant providing $150,000 each year for three years to promote innovation in career and technical education...Read More

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