Monday Message
September 24, 2018

Thought for the Day:  ASCD#1 Great School System.  Yesterday, I had a chance to visit with a young couple from Holland who were biking along the continental divide from Canada to Argentina.  They are both teachers who are on sabbatical, and they inquired why I felt that we have an outstanding school system in Laramie.  I quickly responded that we have the best teachers in the state if not the country.  That felt good to say aloud--have a wonderful day!

ACSD#1 Vision and Mission Statements: 
our strategic plan reflects a new vision statement for ACSD#1--Entrusting and empowering everyone to excel.   We use the three words Entrust, Empower, Excel frequently to remind us that we value our employees, our students, and our stakeholders who are on a continuous journey of learning and growing.   Closely associated with our vision is our mission--Educate all students to achieve at their highest potential, to graduate, and to succeed in life.  We are in the process of communicating key elements from the strategic plan, and we are methodically implementing strategies that we believe will lead us to greater communication, innovative teaching and learning, and optimal use of our resources.  We plan to have key metrics listed in a dashboard format on our website by the middle of October.  We want to share our progress and our goals as we continue to improve the teaching and learning experience for our teachers and students. 

Technology Department in Transition:  I really appreciated the work that the technology department did in our school buildings during the first few weeks of the school year.  Starting next week they will be moving to their new offices in the high school.  Our technicians may not be as easily accessible, but we are also implementing a new work order system in the next few months to provide the best customer service we can deliver.  Our new Technology Director, Sean Moore, will be starting the first week in October, and his first task will be developing the technology plan for our district.  Technology has a lot to celebrate, so if you get a chance, thank the technician who has been in your building for the last few weeks. 

Have a Great Week!
Albany County School District One

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