Monday Message
January 7, 2019


Happy New Year!  Welcome Back!

Thought for the Day: “Be the Change You Want to See in the World” Mahatma Ghandi

Employee Engagement Survey (How are you doing?):  We appreciate the feedback that we received on the employee engagement survey just prior to the break.  We distributed 778 survey links via email, and we received 415 responses (53%).  I will present the results to the school board this week at our regularly scheduled school board meeting, but if you want a sneak preview, you can find an attachment on the school board agenda under the “Superintendent’s Report.”  Here’s the link for your convenience—BoardDocs.  Click on the link to the regular meeting for January 9th, select “view agenda”, and then scroll down to the Superintendent’s Report.

Conversation and Feedback:  One of the important outcomes of the engagement survey is how we as a district respond to the needs of our employees.  You identified a couple of areas that we can address right away.  A few other areas will require a little more conversation and feedback, so during the next few months, I will be visiting schools during planning times and staff meetings to share results and listen.  Thanks for your input.

Recognition:  Congratulations to the winners of the “personal day” drawing.  We put the names of people who completed the survey and registered for the drawing in a box and drew out five.  These folks receive an additional personal day for this year:
Haley Garver, Lisa Klinker, Jennifer Lyford, Rozanne Sorenson, and Cindy Zimmerman

OWL Recognitions – Gratitude:  I continue to recognize our employees for Outstanding Wisdom and Leadership/Learning at each monthly school board meeting.  I have shared more than 250 OWLs and notes of appreciation during the past few years.  Gratitude is wonderful to hear, but it also gets an additional benefit by passing it along—paying it forward—extending gratitude.   If you have received an OWL, and you want to extend gratitude, please share it with a colleague you noticed modeling wisdom, leadership, or learning—or someone you just want to share a word of thanks.  I only ask that you share your story with me via “Let’s Talk.”  I will then send you another owl pin. We can gather these special recognition stories and include them on our website.

We are Social (kind of):  I distribute the Monday Message each week via a “Let’s Talk Campaign.”  The website analytics reports that about 42% of the messages are opened.   We also send the link via Facebook and Twitter, and I want to add Instagram in the near future.  I believe these are excellent tools to hear from our folks—either anonymously or directly if you need a more detailed response.
 Have a great week,


Jubal C. Yennie, Superintendent
Albany County School District One

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