Monday Message
September 10, 2018

This is the first Monday Message shared in this format.  Please tell us what you think.
How are We Doing Results!
We asked a couple of weeks ago, How are We Doing?  We sent more than 1,000 emails to our employees, and our analytics reported that 50% of the emails were opened.  We received specific survey feedback from 80 of our employees, and these 80 employees reported that they had a good start to the school year (87%) and they are proud to work in ACSD#1 (83%).  Thanks for sharing your feedback. Many people highlighted the work that the technology department did in the schools this year, and the most frequent words we heard were “Excited” and “Awesome.”  We are pleased that you had a good start to the school year.
School Board Meeting This Week
The school board will meet this week to review the strategic plan and make a few policy decisions.  You can find the school board agenda on our website under the School Board tab (look for BoardDocs).  The school board also met last week during a retreat to review strategic plan metrics and graduation rate data in preparation for further discussion on Policy 4030, Graduation Requirements.
Board Policy Committee Members Needed
If you would like to serve on a board policy committee, we will have a few opportunities this fall.  The committees meet approximately 3 – 5 times after school (at 3:45 p.m.) and make suggestions for Board Policy revisions.  Please let Kayce or Jubal know if you would like to serve on any of these committees:
·       Policy 4017, Student Fees
·       Policy 5019, Classified Work Day Requirements
·       Policy 5028, New policy on Maternity Leave
·       Policy 5031, Personnel Sick Leave
We will also continue work on Extra Duty Stipends and the calendar committee.  Please let us know if you are interested in providing input or insight to any of these topics.


- Albany County School District One

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