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Leander Independent School District


Leander Independent School District

The district
Serves 39,000 students across 42 schools. One of the fastest growing districts in Texas with an estimated 1,000 new students each year.

The challenge
An unusually late start time to the school year created a competitive disadvantage for K12 public schools in Texas — and a community debate over the district’s school calendar and District of Innovation (DOI) status.

The results
The district used Let’s Talk!, from K12 Insight, to engage in two-way conversations, clearly explain its intentions, and address misconceptions about the process. The backend data dashboard made it easy to understand and quantify community perceptions, which the district used to drive meaningful changes.

In their words
“Let’s Talk! made it easy to quantify the volume and type of inquiries so we could confidently say, ‘Here’s what people are talking about. And here are the numbers behind that.’” — Corey Ryan, chief communications officer

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About Leander Independent School District
Leander Independent School District is a 39,000-student district in Texas.

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