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Lake Washington School District


Lake Washington School District

The district
Bustling, tech-savvy community in Washington. 30,000 students. 3,500 teachers. 54 schools.

The challenge
With increasing enrollment, multiple schools at or near capacity, and three new campuses opening, the district faced a difficult rezoning process.

The results
Administrators used K12 Insight’s Let’s Talk! and Engage solutions to ensure families understood the boundary proposals they put forward and had an opportunity to share their feedback. This helped district leaders understand community preferences and determine the best option, resulting in a positive boundary modification experience for community members and district leaders.

In their words
“Let’s Talk! was definitely a part of that positive outcome. It allowed families to have a deeper understanding of the proposed changes and gave them an opportunity to provide significant input.” — Dr. Jon Holmen, deputy superintendent

“K12 Insight helps us have two-way conversations with our community, understand their feedback, and use it to drive change.” — Shannon Parthemer, director of communications and community engagement

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