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Klein Independent School District


Klein Independent School District

The district
Location: Texas
Number of students: 53,000 students. 49 schools. 87.5 square miles.

The challenge
To give students, parents and staff an easier way to report safety threats and ask questions in the wake of Parkland and other school tragedies.

The results
Students and parents have a safe place to ask questions and speak up about safety concerns. The district police department or other leader respondes in less than 24 hours. Overall, community members rate the responses they receive from the district an 8.2 out of 10.

In their words
“Students are our eyes and ears. They know their friends and their community better than we ever could, and we needed to find a way to tap into that.” -Justin Elbert, community relations manager, Klein ISD

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About Klein Independent School District
Klein Independent School District is a 53,000 students school district in Texas.

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