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Huffman Independent School District


Huffman Independent School District

The district
3,600 students. Small by Texas standards, but enrollment is increasing 8% annually.

The challenge
With student enrollment on the rise, Huffman ISD needed to foster community support to pass a bond that would help them get out in front of the expansion.

The results
The district launched K12 Insight’s Let’s Talk! to engage its community in two-way conversations and put forward a community-backed bond proposal by addressing questions and concerns ahead of the vote. The $44.1 million bond pasted in 2016 with 66% approval.

In their words
“The key to passing a school bond measure is having two-way communication with stakeholders, where they have an opportunity to ask questions and take part in decision making. That’s where Let’s Talk!, from K12 Insight, really helps.” — Shirley Dupree, executive director of communications

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About Huffman Independent School District
Huffman Independent School District is a 3,600-student district in Texas.

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