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Questions about Let’s Talk!
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What is Let’s Talk!
Let’s Talk! is a cloud-based community feedback solution that helps K12 school leaders and their teams listen to and engage their communities to solve critical school issues.
What is Let’s Talk!

How does Let’s Talk! work?
Install Let’s Talk! on your school or district website and give parents, teachers, students and others a safe and easy way to reach you with questions, comments or personal issues, 24//7. Use those conversations to pinpoint areas of concern, improve school customer service and build trust with students and families. A mobile app allows school leaders and community members to engage, wherever they are, via smartphone or tablet.
Our goal is simple—to create a world where schools and communities work better together.”

Why is Let’s Talk! right for my school or district?
Why is Let’s Talk! right for my school or district?

Plenty of school leaders talk about the importance of parent and community engagement. But few actually know how to build that trust, on a personal level. Failure to communicate leads to confusion, and stops good work in its tracks. It also makes people feel underserved. That’s a big problem, especially now. In the age of school choice and vouchers, students and families have options. If they feel excluded—or worse, ignored—they will enroll elsewhere. Fewer students means less funding and fewer resources for your schools. And that’s the last thing you need.
How does Let’s Talk! make community engagement better?
How does Let’s Talk! make community engagement better?

Let’s Talk! works by funneling all the feedback your school or district receives from its community—be it teachers, parents or students—into one place. With Let’s Talk!, school leaders can easily listen to and respond to online feedback, monitor social media for critical comments or concerns, and keep track of notes from phone calls and in-person meetings in one universal inbox. A online dashboard provides immediate insight into the issues that matter most, helping school leaders plan their responses, improve customer service by responding in a timely and courteous way, and reduce redundancies by streamlining communications between teams.
How is Let’s Talk! implemented?

Let’s Talk! is a cloud-based (SaaS) communications solution that can be easily integrated with your school’s or district’s website. It can be implemented in one department or building, or across an entire school district, regardless of size. The software is easily scalable to meet both immediate and long-term community engagement needs.
What about professional development and training?

We’re a company of former educators. So we empathize with the challenge technology training presents to schools. With Let’s Talk!, your district receives custom in-person and online training. Plus, a dedicated service delivery leader and access to a team of top-notch customer support specialists who are available when you need them.

How is Let’s Talk! different from email?

We get this all the time. The answer: email is messy and the chain can break, which is why it doesn’t work for community engagement at scale. Let’s Talk! eliminates gaps in email communication by ensuring that all your feedback and responses are stored in one place, on secure servers. All messages, or dialogues, are automatically routed to the right team members in your school or district to ensure the most accurate response in the least amount of time. Our backend dashboard helps you pinpoint what issues are trending, so you can triage with your team to better serve the needs of students, families and staff.
How is this different from putting a ‘contact us’ button on our website?

A ‘contact us’ button is essentially email. Let’s Talk! is a change agent. It demonstrates to your community that your administration is 110% committed to a culture of community engagement and customer service. And it gives you the tools, resources, and the data you need to start making those changes a reality for your community.

Won't this just create more work?
Won’t this just create more work?

No matter how easy a vendor says something is to implement, there are issues, especially in schools. Training for staff is critical. But the Let’s Talk! system was built with school leaders at every level in mind, so it’s incredibly intuitive and simple to use. Once implemented, Let’s Talk! doubles as a workflow management system, allowing team members to collaborate on community engagement and communication, which means they can get more done faster, and for less money than many of those clunky, and often expensive, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

How can I get started?

You should talk to someone—and see Let’s Talk! live and in action. Reach us anytime at 703-542-9600, or click here and we’ll have one of our school district support leaders reach out to you ASAP for a no-obligation conversation. Let’s Talk!

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