Questions about Engage?
We’ve got answers.

What is Engage?
Engage is a cloud-based survey platform and comprehensive feedback solution built specifically for K12 schools. It has one goal: to help school leaders uncover hidden challenges and turn information into action for students and their families.

Who uses Engage?
K12 schools and school district leaders use engage to create custom research-based surveys to learn from their school communities.

How does Engage work?
Engage works primarily two ways.

1) School district or building leaders can purchase K12 Insight’s Engage software platform to create and administer surveys on their own. School research staff can choose from a bank of field-tested surveys in more than a dozen categories, or create original surveys. Instant backend reporting helps you make decisions fast.

2) School district or building leaders can partner with K12 Insight’s Ph.D.-led research team to conduct “fully managed” surveys. Our most popular option, K12 Insight school survey experts work hand-in-hand with your team to research, write, administer and analyze one or multiple survey projects. In-depth reports and action plans help you turn information into action for your school community. Contact us to determine which approach is right for you.
Engage has one goal—to help school leaders uncover hidden challenges and turn information into action for students and their families.

What types of surveys can I conduct with Engage?

Unlike other school survey providers, K12 Insight focuses 100% on K12 schools and school districts. We’ve conducted thousands of surveys for hundreds of school systems in nearly every state. Survey projects run the gamut from school climate and quality, including social-emotional learning, to staff engagement to superintendent and leadership transitions to education technology to special education. In all, we’ve conducted surveys in more than a dozen categories. For a full list, visit our website at www.k12insight.com/engage.
Can I create surveys in different languages?

Schools surveys don’t work unless every voice is heard, and every question is understood and interpreted the same way. Our team will work with you to translate your survey into any language. We’ll start by working to understand your community’s demographics. Then provide surveys and other resources in the languages you need.
Why do I need a
school survey?

School surveys are a great way to engage in meaningful conversations with your school community. Parents, students and staff appreciate having an opportunity to weigh in on critical school decisions. And their input can help you see old and/or fix persistent challenges in new ways. When you share this information with your community after the fact, it creates a sense of togetherness and transparency. With Engage, we help schools make feedback matter.
Does the Every Student Succeeds Act require surveys?

While ESSA does not require school districts to survey their school community, school surveys are a great way to meet the new non-academic indicator provision in ESSA. Survey your school community to get a better understanding of non-academic indicators, such as climate, social-emotional learning, grit, college and career readiness and safety and behavior.

Does Engage have survey templates I can use?

Does it ever. We’ve been building surveys for schools and school district for more than a decade. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot—and collected tons of research. All of that experience is packed into every one of our research-based survey templates. Pick from pre-built surveys in more than a dozen categories. Add new questions and edit to create the perfect survey experience for your school or district.
What is survey benchmarking?

Because we work only with K12 schools, we’re able to help our clients benchmark their surveys against data from similar districts. Find out where your school or district stands compared to schools or districts of similar size and demographics. For more about survey benchmarking, a feature unique to K12 Insight’s Engage platform, call us at 703-542-9600, and ask to speak to Dr. Stephan Knobloch, chief learning officer.

How is Engage different than other providers, including Survey Monkey, Panorama, and Qualtrics?

Engage was designed specifically for K12 schools. Our team of former school administrators and Ph.D. education researchers design each survey using the latest research and benchmark data. If you choose a fully managed survey project, our researchers and staff work hand-in-hand with your team to write, build, administer and analyze your survey data, helping you turn information into action for students and families. We think we have the best, most intuitive survey technology in the industry. But, it’s our people, and their experience working with and helping K12 school leaders, that sets the K12 Insight experience apart. Try us.

How can I get started?

You should talk to someone—and see Engage live and in action. Reach us anytime at 703-542-9600, or click here and we’ll have one of our school district support leaders reach out to you ASAP for a no-obligation conversation. Let’s do this.

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