Questions about Act?
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What is Act?
Act is short for Action. We created this on-demand suite of consulting-based services to complement the work we do with schools and school districts around community engagement. Our team of former educators, including a former school district superintendent, work with your team to help turn information into action. Services include: focus groups, strategic planning, listening tours, superintendent entry services, literature review and communications planning and landscaping, among other resources. For a full list, visit our website at www.k12insight.com/act-consulting

How does Act work with other K12 Insight products?
We have a saying here a K12 Insight: Listen, Learn Lead. Our software products, Let’s Talk! and Engage, were created to help school districts listen and learn by engaging in always-on conversations with parents, teachers, students and staff. Our Act consulting services complement those efforts by providing expert advice and planning on the backend to help school leaders “act” on data and make stronger decisions.
Our services complement those efforts by providing expert advice and planning on the backend to help school leaders “act” on data and make stronger decisions.

I already have Let’s Talk! or Engage. Why do I need Act?

Let’s Talk! and Engage are awesome listening tools. You’ll get great feedback and actionable insights from both. But it takes planning and leadership to turn that feedback into change for your schools. With Act, our dedicated team of school engagement professionals works with your team to dive deeper still, and help you turn information in quality decision-making for students, families and staff.
What is a communications audit?

School communications plans are complex and multifaceted. Whether you lead a team of three at a small rural district or a small army of communications experts at large urban school system, there are bound to be gaps in your approach. Our team helps you evaluate your communications strategy, identifies new opportunities or areas of improvement, and provides actionable recommendations to bolster communications and community engagement across every level of your school community.
What is a listening plan?

If you’re like most schools or school systems, by now, your team has perfected the art of outbound communication, getting your message out. Where you struggle is on the flip side, at listening and pulling feedback in. Actively listening is critical for school and district leaders. Listening shows your community that you care, and helps you secure buy-in ahead of critical, sometimes controversial decisions. Active listening is harder than it sounds. A listening plan helps you develop the strategy that’s right for you, whether you are looking to improve engagement with parents, teachers, students, or all of the above.
Why should I do a focus group?

Surveys are great tools. But, sometimes, when you identify extremely sensitive or difficult issues, you need a way to dive deeper, to really understand the emotion behind the problem. That’s where focus groups can help. Our team of education researchers host independent, professionally conducted focus groups adherent to industry and research best practices. These informative sessions will help you dive deep into critical issues and inform your decision-making, one conversation at a time.

How can I get started with Act?

You should talk to someone—and learn more about our team-based approach. Reach us anytime at 703-542-9600, or click here and we’ll have one of our school district research experts reach out to you ASAP for a no-obligation conversation. Let’s turn feedback into action for your schools!

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