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Frederick County Public Schools


Frederick County Public Schools

The district
22nd largest school division in Virginia with more than 13,500 students, 2,100 staff members, and 23 schools.

The challenge
No effective way to solicit and evaluate feedback from students and their families about important topics, such as school quality.

The results
The division partnered with K12 Insight to create, administer, and analyze a series of comprehensive school quality and climate surveys, powered by Engage. The results helped administrators understand where stakeholder perceptions aligned and differed, as well as how the division benchmarks against others nationwide — knowledge they use to improve the school experience.

In their words
“We’re not about starting over every year just because it happens to be September. We want to be linear and go deeper into what we’re doing. K12 Insight helps us do that.” — Dr. Jim Angelo, assistant superintendent for instruction

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