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Fort Bend Independent School District


Fort Bend Independent School District

The district
Largest employer in Fort Bend County. 11,000 full-time employees. 75,000 students.

The challenge
Influx of inquiries from current and prospective employees. Poor response times. Inefficiency.

The results
HR officials launched Talent Connect, with Let’s Talk!, from K12 Insight. The online portal lets current and prospective FBISD employees ask questions, access important information, and engage in a two-way dialogue with the district. Average response time is now less than 24 hours.

In their words
“The amount of time we spend chasing and putting out fires has diminished, and we’re no longer working ineffectively.” -Gwyn Touchet, executive director of human resources

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About Fort Bend Independent School District
Fort Bend Independent School District is a 75,000 students school district in Texas.

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