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Fontana Unified School District


Fontana Unified School District

The district
Second largest school district in San Bernardino County with 39,000 students and 45 schools. A majority of students are low socio-economic and only around 30 percent have home internet access.

The challenge
Language barriers, conflicting schedules, and lack of internet access at home made it difficult for everyone in the community to speak up about critical school issues.

The results
The district expanded K12 Insight’s Let’s Talk! to school sites to open lines of communication and foster trusting relationships between families and schools. Since the expansion, parent engagement has increased, and a fourth of all Let’s Talk! dialogues are sent directly to school sites where they are typically addressed within hours.

In their words
“Let’s Talk! doesn’t replace our face-to-face communication with families, but it helps us amplify their voices. Not all of our parents have availability to reach out during the school day, or they feel like they can’t because of a language barrier or other concern. Let’s Talk! Gives them a safe and easy way to engage with us on their schedule.” — Dr. Shannon Miller, director of special projects

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About Fontana Unified School District
Fontana Unified School District in California serves 39,000 students across 45 schools.

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